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Reach for the Skies

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Well the day of reckoning has finally arrived and Liam having mustered up his courage the test flight was about to take place.
Liam taxied the plane to the end of the runway and with the light breeze whistling through his beard , he took the stance, tightened his belt and announced - lets do it!!!

His beautiful creation took to the air and Liam flew it with complete authority , it looked great. The landing was as smooth as silk and the test flight was captured for posterity by our very own Fred - this flight and many more will , I am sure, appear on the Club video at the end of the year - so make sure you get one!!

Enjoy the photos

Waco3DSC00434trtr2Waco 1Waco 4

Fun Cub water ready

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Another feature of the Fun cub are the floats - i think they look pretty impressive particularly in monster green - will it fly as well as it looks - check back later to see what happened next

IMG_20181014_124813_resized_20181014_010558220 IMG_20181014_124823_resized_20181014_010557811

Waco all ready to go

Liam brought up his beautiful Waco for final set up and it looks and sounds amazing. All ready now for the test flight weather permitting - flying shots to follow shortly.
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Is Andy Warhol a club member?

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What a difference a color scheme can make - any idea what this now rainbow looking cub started life as before it was traumatized by this outrageous color scheme - will the flying visibility be improved or not? - for those who may be tempted to recreate this in full or in part all paint can be sourced from our very own Paul D at or on 086 255 5611 and comes in easy to use spray cans with satisfaction guaranteed.

Rainbow Cub (12) Rainbow Cub (13) Rainbow Cub (14) Rainbow Cub (16)IMG_7751 IMG_7760 IMG_7895 IMG_7898 IMG_7970 IMG_20180924_140800_resized_20180924_050037717



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Bevan has been busy this week completing the covering of his SE5A WW1 biplane - not long now before we see it flying in Rw - I love the clean and well organised workshop - think he might like boats as well !

P1000556P1000558 P1000559 P1000560 P1000561 P1000562

Wait is nearly over

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Just a tantalizing glimpse of Liam's now completed Waco - keep an eye out for the final shots of this fantastic model.

IMG_7735 IMG_7736