Today at Roundwood 13/5/15

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It was a fantastic day for flying.Despite this, we had only few flights.
Andy solved eventually engine adjustment problems, Bevan had crossed wires in one of his planes -
he may have flown it after I left 17.45!
Tony Mc - flew the MPX foamy Twin and did taxi tests with the new, electric powered Spitfire.
Michael enjoyed his usual electric flyer and admired the two new arrivals in his "Stables"!
Des sailed his Yacht, missing Tony Noonan who is not well. Willie flew more flights than all others together
and I, at last, managed to fly and land the 4 m Grob again safely.

Our treasurer Liam just about managed to get out of his sickbed to enjoy the fresh air in RW.

Not to forget Olli, having given us a pristine flying field by cutting the grass regularly, came to maintain the mower.

See you soon?

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