Update 3-W

Liam has been very busy all Summer working on his current project the Waco - here are some more photos of the build - he has now completed covering and has started the detailing and spraying. The next update will show the painted and completed model and be warned you will need to wear some good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the brightness of his chosen scheme - can't wait to see his creation - even if it nearly blinds me!

For more detail and a close up view please click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy

P1030430 P1030431 P1030432 P1030433 P1030434 P1030435 P1030436 P1030437 P1030438 P1030439 P1030440 P1030441 P1030442 P1030443 P1030444 P1030445 P1030446 P1030447 P1030448 P1030449 P1030450 P1030451