Update 1-W

Well Liam has taken full advantage of the wonderful weather we have had over the last few weeks and has kept himself sane by working on his Waco. Have a look at the impressive progress he has made to date.

For more detail and a close up view please click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy

P1030378 P1030379 P1030380 P1030383 P1030384 P1030385 P1030386 P1030387 P1030388 P1030389 P1030393P1030390 P1030392 P1030394 P1030395 P1030396 P1030397 P1030398 P1030399 P1030400 P1030401 P1030402 P1030403 P1030404 P1030405 P1030406