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The Warbirds are coming

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Another well built model from Michael's stable - Unfortunately tony's spitfire was not there for a combined fly by - there was really no need for Michael to cross his fingers - his mustang flew as if on rails - hope this success encourage's more warbirds up on to the field soon.



Have no fear our rescue team is here !!

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Now that the weather is showing signs of improvement the flying is starting to take off again in earnest (pun intended) this can sometimes lead to over excited pilots itching to get into the air with their beautiful machines. Occasionally there can be a malfunction in software either personal or the planes and this can sometimes lead to the inevitable arrival in the dreaded skyline tree tops!!!!

Unfortunately we recently had such an unexpected arrival definitely all down to malfunctioning software. So after some suitable words of comfort and compassion to the pilot from the gathered throngs of rubberneckers - the call went out once again to our multidisciplined, rough terrain, all weather expert rescue team to see if they could help. This brave trio of intrepid rescuers (Brian, Jim and Olly who are always on standby), were asked to undertake the hazardous rescue mission to retrieve the naughty plane - after their initial reconnaissance, which involved some neck straining and star gazing the little beauty was spotted some huge distance up in the trees (nesting there like a little bird) and so the rescue commenced - have a look at the attached images to see how they got on.

Yes - the plane is re-buildable the pilot is delighted, and the software glitch has just received a solutions patch and all is now working fine again no future problems?

No Trees were killed in the recovery operation!

A big thanks again to the daring rescue team who will no doubt receive copious pints at the next Annual Dinner for all their successful endeavors.

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