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Greased Lightning GL-10 Successful Transition Test

NASA Langley researchers designed and built a battery-powered, 10-engine remotely piloted aircraft. The Greased Lightning GL-10 prototype has a 10-foot wingspan and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an airplane. In this video, engineers successfully transition the plan from hover to wing-borne flight in tests at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.

I wonder how long before we see it for sale on Hobby King

Barry’s NewPlane

Her we have a video of our new member Barry arriving to Roundwood with his first plane for inspection and test flight.
It is always exciting when a new club member arrives to see and feel his or her new creation taking off for its first flight.
As always, experienced RC pilots give the new plane the obligatory safety check.
The Motor, new from a shop, needs to be tested and adjusted.

Crosswiind Landings

If you have time today, then make a cup of tea and watch this 10 minute video .
A mix of really good and ok landings, and dare I say 2 clips of amazing / crazy helicopter landings near the end.